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Hamilton: “Now I’m a team player, when you’re young ‘you care less’”

Image source: Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton has suggested the key difference between himself and Formula 1’s young guns, is he has now developed into a team player.

“Now, the goal is to help the team get the most points and finish as high as possible,” he told a group of reporters on his approach to racing.

“When you’re slightly further back, you’re willing to take a little bit more risk to gain one extra position, and when you’re in the lead, you’re thinking long-term.

“It’s a subtle difference, but also when you’re younger, you care less in general, you know? Your perceptions are different when you’re younger to when we’re all older.”

Hamilton is currently leading Formula 1 Drivers’ championship after 14 races. He is now looking for a third consecutive triumph in Singapore.

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