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Gyulbudaghyants: “Of course we will try to analyse our opponent but we will focus on our game as well”

Armenia and Greece National teams are preparing to play against each other in the fourth round of EURO 2020 qualifiers tomorrow, June 11.

Ahead of the game Armenia national team coach Armen Gyulbudaghyants gave a press-conference  where he spoke about the upcoming game.

Armenia won their game against Liechtenstein with a 3-0 score, while Greece lost 0-3 to Italy.

“Both the players and coaches understand that they need to forget about both defeats and victories they had and need to focus on preparing for the upcoming one. Tomorrow is a very important game and we have to do our best,” said Gyulbudaghyants .

“Maybe sometimes it helps, especially when you know the character of the players and if you are the head coach you have to deal with everyone the same way and treat them equally because it’s a team,” Gyulbudaghyants said on having worked with Mkhitaryan and Ghazaryan.

It’s believed that Greece is the favorite in tomorrow’s match, will you adjust to the Greece team style or you will stick to your plan?

“Of course we will try to analyse  our opponent but we will focus on our game as well and try to do everything possible to win the match.”

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