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Gonzalo Higuain makes important statement amid his future form

Gonzalo Higuain has spoken out on his relationships with Maurizio Sarri and how Italian coach was the one who took the best out of him.

Higuain and Sarri have worked together in Napoli during 2015/16 season, when Argentine international set a record of goals scored in a single season (36). He was impressive enough to get an offer from Juventus and join Bianconeri before leaving them last summer and struggling at AC Milan.

He told Sky Sports (via SI): “He [Sarri] is the coach that has got the best out of me.

“I know him well, he knows me well. I’m hopeful I will get back to that level we had before, this is the idea. He is someone who helps me, knows my game and how to get the best out of me.

“I am very happy to be here. It’s a wonderful club with a wonderful stadium and it is really a fantastic experience. I hope with time that this team will be able to achieve all the goals they can.”

Higuain was asked if he has something to prove in EPL.

“No, not at all. I am someone who always does my best and tries to improve.

“After Napoli I went to Juventus and won two leagues, the cup and got to the final of the Champions League.

“It is true there have been a few months that have been harder at Milan but I don’t feel my level was any lower than it was there. After a record season with Napoli, though, it’s hard to live up to that.

“But I am someone who is growing different aspects of my game all the time and, after these six months where the situation was more complicated, I hope to recapture my true form with Maurizio Sarri and Chelsea.

“After six years in Italy I felt I had achieved a lot there, it was very demanding, of course, but when the opportunity came to come to England it was too big to miss out on.