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Golden State Warriors’ Klay Thompson provides an injury update

Klay Thompson provides injury update

Image source: Golden State of Mind

Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson has provided an injury update. Thompson suffered an ACL injury during last season’s NBA Finals.

In a video to fans in China, the Warriors player issued the following message:

“I just want to say thank you for all the support you showed me this past year. As we all know, I suffered a major injury last season and still can’t believe the way it ended. But one thing that’s gotten me through it is the love and support from my friends and fans all the way over in China.

“Thank you for inviting me back to China during the offseason. I’m really grateful for the Chinese massage and ancupuncture treatment I received in the traditional Chinese hospital. I can honestly say that my knee felt so much better when I returned to the states.

“Today I’m here to announce that my mind and body are 100 percent ready to get back on the court. I can’t wait to play again. And I can’t wait for Anta to release my special shoes on July 11 in China.”


source – nbcsports

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