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24-05-2021 | 18:32 Football

Georginio Wijnaldum reveals the only regret of leaving Liverpool

Georginio Wijnaldum has admitted his only regret at leaving Liverpool is he could not finish with a trophy. The 30-year-old played a key role in the club’s Champions League and Premier League wins and while a third-placed finish to an injury-plagued season was, in itself, something of an achievement there was no silverware to sign off with. After Sunday's 2-0 win over Crystal palace, Wijnaldum said: “I’m really happy that we still managed to turn it around and qualify for the Champions League. “I think that’s something this club deserves, something the fans deserve – and the players also – but on the other side, also sad that it looks like it’s going to be my last game. “The only regret I probably will have is that I couldn’t leave with a title or a prize, that would be really, really good for me, for the fans and for everyone. “But everyone knows the circumstances we had during the season. It was really difficult – really difficult. “But if you look how we changed it around, a few weeks ago I don’t think a lot of people would have thought that we could finish third and qualify for the Champions League. That’s a good one. “I’m happy we could bring Liverpool to the Champions League and that I basically put them in a good spot when I leave.” Source- Independent Join us on Telegram!/ Follow us on Twitter!

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