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Genk head coach warns players ahead of Liverpool clash

Image source: Daily Mail

Liverpool are preparing to play Champions League game against Genk today, November 5.

Ahead of the game, Genk head coach Felice Mazzu has revealed that he brought every Genk player because it’s a great moment for their club and insisted that they are not at Anfield to take photos.

“I brought everyone because I think it is a great moment for the club, for all the players, so my desire was that everyone is here,” Mazzu said.

“They play a big game against a big team perhaps for once in our life in a place like this.

“I know the results are not so good and the way we have played is not so good. I know it’s not an easy moment but I am calm. I don’t feel the pressure.”

“It is the moment to enjoy but not to be here to take photos. It is to give their life on the pitch and play the best football possible,” he added.

“We play against the best team in the world at the moment. I am sure the players’ mentality will be better tomorrow – and I hope the coach’s also.”

source – LiverpoolEcho

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