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05-04-2021 | 23:15 Football

Gary Neville slams Arsenal's 'little mafia' that left him 'really uncomfortable'

Gary Neville has slammed Arsenal's "little mafia" of disconnected players. He has claimed Mikel Arteta is at a crossroads of his Arsenal stint. The Gunners slipped to their 12th defeat of the season at the weekend, as they were destroyed 3-0 by Liverpool at the Emirates. “It looked like a little group of players who weren’t comfortable, like there was a disconnect with them and the manager. Like the manager looked like he’d had enough of them, like he had that glazed-eye look. Look, it’s instinct but we’ve been around football now quite a long time to know when a group of players are disinterested.”         Neville continued: “All the way through the first half I was watching this and getting more and more uncomfortable with it. I said in the second half, me and Martin Tyler could’ve played centre-back for Liverpool. They were really comfortable but they never laid a finger on them, they were under no pressure and it was embarrassing. It was a really bad day. I came away from it thinking, ‘it was a dark moment, that’. "Like a crossroads moment, a moment where it feels like more than a 3-0 defeat against Liverpool which at the start of the season you’d say, ‘so what’. I think Mikel Arteta will have come away from that game thinking, ‘it’s me or them’. Either they decide to start playing for him or he gets rid of them. I doubt the first one, something didn’t feel right.”
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