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Gary Neville explains why it is now “a real struggle” for Liverpool to win the league

After the comfortable 6-0 win over Chelsea, Manchester City is currently leading the league with 65 points and should Liverpool draw or lose against Manchester United on Sunday, the Citizens will stay on top of the league.

Former Manhester United defender Gary Neville thinks that a combination of Manchester City’s experience and the pressure on Liverpool makes Pep Guardiola’s side the favorites to win the Premier League. (via Mirror)

“If you look at the size of Liverpool and the fact they haven’t won the title in so long, there is an air of desperation at the club to win the title,” Neville told Sky Sports .

“A few weeks ago they were seven points clear and when Manchester City lost at Newcastle you thought it was there – what an opportunity for Liverpool that was.

“They still have that chance, but it has become a lot more difficult in the last week. Winning the title is obviously about performance, but the mental side is huge.

“Our first title at Manchester United I never looked forward to it, I struggled with it, and so did other young players.

“We were dragged over the line by Eric Cantona, Peter Schmeichel, Roy Keane, those characters who had the experience to understand what it was about.

“This City team has know-how and so does Pep Guardiola. Jurgen Klopp has won a league before but not in this country. What City have done this week does apply psychological pressure.

“It will be a real struggle for Liverpool to win the league, but it always was going to be, so this is not something new. I think in the last week the race has really started. We are on the home stretch.”

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