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Gary Neville agrees with Liverpool legend about Tottenham as he makes bold Harry Kane claim

Harry Kane in action for Tottenham

Image source: Getty Images

Gary Neville has praised Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane. The Spurs star scored the only goal of the game against West Brom – a result which moved the north London outfit top of the Premier League table for a couple of hours

It’s now 13 goals across all competitions for Kane so far this term. Neville believes there’s only one thing that can stop the England international from reaching the very top.

“The only thing that can stop Harry Kane doing everything and anything he wants to do in the game is injury,” he told the Gary Neville Podcast. “It’s the only thing that can stop him. Alan Shearer is definitely the best striker in Premier League history in terms of his goal record was outstanding. He was the best striker I played with for England, in terms of number nine.

“Wayne Rooney I’d put up there with him but Alan Shearer was an outstanding striker. Harry Kane has so much similarity in his game in terms of mentality. Ice cold, doesn’t seem to flinch if he misses a chance, doesn’t seem to flinch if a goalkeeper saves one, he’ll come back and do the right thing, almost like a process, scoring a goal is like a process for them.

“They know where the target is and they’ll hit that target and that position that is most likely to get them the goal and it is methodical. He is brilliant, Harry Kane. He’s a great professional, England are lucky to have him.”

Neville agrees with Jamie Carragher in that it would be the most outstanding story.

“Tottenham, I said on Monday Night Football I didn’t think they could win the league, I don’t think they can but Jamie Carragher said it would be the most outstanding story to see Jose Mourinho win the league with Tottenham and I do agree with that.

“It would be something that would alarm Chelsea fans, Manchester United, Arsenal fans, of course. It would be one of the greatest stories because Tottenham don’t win leagues. He has the strike force to do it.

“At the moment, you look at the two teams we’ve watched today (Man City vs Liverpool) and they’re outstanding teams but there are flaws there that there weren’t two years ago. They were almost perfect in everything they did.”


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