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Gary Lineker mentions the ONLY SEGMENT, that would NOT want the PL season to FINISH

Gary Lineker

Former Premier League star Gary Lineker believes everyone would like to see the Premier League season finish, except those, who really don’t like Liverpool. 

The Merseyside club have a 25-point-advantage over Manchester City and are only two wins away from their first title in 30 years.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic the season could be announced nulled and void, as Jurgen Klopp’s team could not win the trophy the fans wish to see for so many years. 

“I think ideally we’d like to finish the season, I think that would make sense,” Lineker told talkSPORT.

“But this whole situation is so fluid and much more important than anything, it’s difficult to know when it’s going to go away.

“We could be able to play again by June, it might have calmed down enough, whether that will be behind doors, which is not really what football’s about, but it would help to finish the leagues.

“That’s the thing everybody would want to happen, except perhaps some supporters who really don’t like Liverpool.

“I think that would be the fairest thing.

“Legally it would be easier right across the board if they could finish the league, whether it’s possible or not, I don’t know. When do they start again, in June, July, August?

“The one thing I’ll say at the moment is the players are having their rest now and it’s not the rest they would want, it’s not the holiday they would want, but once they get back and have a couple of weeks training to start the season again, they certainly wouldn’t need another pre-season between the seasons.

“Conceivably, if they get playing early enough, they can go immediately into next season.

“It’s not the scenario we would want, but whether it will happen or not, who knows.” the former England national team forward added. 

As reported earlier, The FA, Premier League and English Football League are presently planning to complete the 2019/20 season behind closed doors over a period of four to six weeks in the restart in July.

All focus is on finishing the season and avoiding the potential consequences of an unfinished competition, including hundreds of millions of pounds in lost revenue for clubs.

Matches are now suspended until at least April 30, but the is expected to be further postponements, with problems over insurance and player safety likely to stop any matches taking place until the pandemic is over.

According to, Premier League clubs are yet to hear a firm proposal from the governing bodies on what future holds, but they understand that nobody knows when football in the country will be able to restart.

In a conference call between the three governing bodies and the government on Saturday, the plan was reached to complete the season in July, with games to take place behind closed doors over a period of four to six weeks unless the situation gets bad in the UK.

There will be some allowances made to try and help players and clubs cope with what would essentially be an extended 2020/21 season.

Those measures could include cancelling cup replays, or even potentially elminating the League Cup and EFL Trophy.

The next Premier League meeting is set to take place on Friday, where clubs could be told about a potential starting date.

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