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03-02-2021 | 01:26 Football

Fuming Mikel Arteta defends Arsenal stars David Luiz and Bernd Leno over Wolves red cards

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta defended his star David Luiz and was left fuming at the decision to send him off in the loss to Wolves. Meanwhile, Bernd Leno followed Luiz and received a red card. The Gunners ended with nine men in their 2-1 loss after having led and has been the better team for much of the first half. Arteta said: "The way we lost the game really hurts, it's painful. I've just seen the replay 10 times in five different angles and I cannot see any contact [between them]. "If there is any contact it's him [Willian Jose] with David. I don't know if they have a different angle to what they have or you have. Those big decisions are like that but it's nothing I can change at the moment. It was a big decision and if they can justify that they got it right then I will put my hands up and apologise. "The only thing I'm saying is I'm sitting here and I cannot see any contact and it's really frustrating because it's a big moment in the game. I would like to see if VAR have got a different angle and have seen something I can't see. I'm watching it expecting to see something but I can't. "Of course it changed the game. We've had to play half the game without David. We dominated the first half and could have been three or four goals up. It's hard enough to win football games in the league without that happening. Those big decisions are like that but it's nothing we can change at the moment." On goalkeeper Leno, Arteta added: "I imagine he makes the decision in a split of a second and naturally he tries to stop the ball, there's nothing he can do."
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Premier League: 9-man Arsenal defeat to Wolves

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