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From YouTubers To Actresses: Who Premier League Superstars Are Now Dating Pt. 2

Models To TV Personalities: Who Premier League Superstars Are Now Dating

Image source: Sergio Reguilon Instagram

Football players are considered worldwide stars as they are part of the biggest sport in the world. But their women are not less famous, as most of them are supermodels, successful businesswomen, actresses and also YouTubers .

So now, let’s take a look at who are current Premier League superstars are dating.

Raul Jimenez & Daniela Basso

Raul Jimenez is one of the finest stars at Wolves, and surely his recent absence is a huge blow for the Old Gold.

However, in his personal life things have been a lot netter this year, as Jimenez and girlfriend Daniela Basso welcomed a baby girl into the world.

From Models To Actresses: Who Premier League Superstars Are Now Dating
Raul Jimenez Instagram

Basso, like Jimenez, was born in Mexico but currently lives in the UK. She is an actress and has appeared in a host of Mexican TV series.

Daniela Basso Instagram
Daniela Basso Instagram

Kai Havertz & Sophia Weber

Chelsea’s newcomer has endured a tough season this term, however, things seem to be getting better.

Havertz is currently dating Sophia Weber, with who he has been best friends with since their childhood.

The Irish Sun

Weber is a cheerleader and her lifestyle contains internationally recognized sports with a mixture of dance, gymnastics and acrobatic techniques.


Alisson Becker & Natalia Loewe Becker

Liverpool’s keeper is one of the current Premier League champions’ key players and is considered as one of the best in his position in the world football.

If you follow Alisson on social media, you, for sure, have noticed the adorable pictures with his wife Natalia Loewe Becker and the kids.

Alisson Becker Instagram

Loewe Becker studied to become a doctor at the Catholic University of Pelotas. She got her degree and ever since then her job is as a physician.

Natalia Loewe Becker Instagram
Natalia Loewe Becker Instagram
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