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French Open chief aims dig at Novak Djokovic for disastrous Adria Tour

Novak Djokovic

Image source: Getty Images

French Open tournament director Guy Forget has vowed not to make the same mistakes as Novak Djokovic in September. Forget is introducing key safety measures after Djokovic came under fire for setting up his Adria Tour charity event in June which saw several players test positive for COVID-19.

Forget told Eurosport: “If you come with a friend or with your wife, you will have to leave an empty seat next to you. No family can have more than four places side by side for major courts. For the other courts, there will always be a seat space so we are considering a 50% gauge compared to what we usually have at Roland Garros.”

He also revealed: “For the ball kids, of course, we won’t let them pick up the towels as they are used to. It is easy to understand why. We want to protect as much as possible, not just the players but everyone who will be there for this tournament.

“Once again, we will follow to the letter what the Ministry of Sports and Health tells us to do. There will be tests. There will be toilets around the stadium so people can wash their hands regularly. We want to avoid contact as much as possible and keep appropriate space between people.

“I think it will evolve between now and the start of the tournament. But we will do our best to make everyone feel confident and safe from the virus issues. All those entering Roland-Garros must wear a mask. There will be different paths that people can take clockwise around the main courts.”

Source: Daily Mail

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