Fred: Brazil ready to start from scratch

The Manchester United midfielder says Friday’s Brasil Global Tour clash with USA is just the beginning of a new era for the Samba boys. "For us, it is a time to reform, to start all over again from scratch, looking to 2022,” said Fred, who on Friday is set to make his first Brazil start since June 2015. “But we have these two friendlies, then we have Copa America, so there are a lot of things ahead of us. The first training session saw us begin to renew the team and the first game [against USA on Friday] will be very important to the process " Fred is confident he will have no problem integrating into an established and consistent group. "We have been playing together for some time, even though I have not played in the starting line-up,” he said. “We train together and this is a group that has changed very little. There is a long-term relationship there.”

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