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Frank Lampard speaks out on top six ahead of Wolves game

Image source: Football.London

Last season Chelsea finished 3rd in the Premier League and won the Europa League, but currently the Blues are 11th with just 5 points.

Now Frank Lampard’s side are preparing to play an away game against Wolves on Saturday, September 14 and the Chelsea head coach has spoken out on the Premier League top six.

“They (the other teams) should feel they have a chance. It was always going to be the way, particularly from our point of view,” said Lampard.

“We always want to be competitive but we’re all very honest about the situation here. Eden (Hazard) moved on, and two number nines (Alvaro Morata and Gonzalo Higuain) moved on who were the number nines generally last season.

“Younger players are coming in. But that’s not just the story, because you look at teams that have invested heavily, Everton, West Ham, Leicester.

“Wolves were competing towards the top six so that’s challenging for all of us. We’ve seen it changing before our eyes.

“From a day when almost the top four you could probably write it down at the start of the season, certainly now you can’t. A top six you can’t write down.

“Because the playing field of what we have got now, where teams are investing heavily… You have to respect them.”

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