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Alla Zakarian

29-07-2019 | 12:52 Football

Frank Lampard criticizes Chelsea fans

New Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has hit out at some fans of the club who were heard singing an offensive chant about West Ham during the pre-season victory over Reading (4-3). Chelsea fans were singing a song, which includes the lyrics “Frankie Lampard, Frankie Lampard, scored 200 against the pikeys." “I didn’t hear the song in question and of course if there’s a song that has offensive words I don’t want to hear that," Lampard said. "That's me saying that as a big Chelsea man who really appreciates the support. We don't want songs with offensive words. If the fans could sing other songs, I'll back that. The club are very clear with the work we do off the pitch about anything that's offensive or prejudiced."

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