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Jenson Button labells Lewis Hamilton “the cleanest guy” he has ever raced against

Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton

Image source: The Telegraph

Jenson Button has named Lewis Hamilton “the cleanest guy” he has ever raced against saying he doesn’t “play games” or “play dirty”.

The two British Formula 1 World Champions are former teammates, while during their time at McLaren from 2010 to 2012 they were far from being close friends.

However, there is mutual respect between the duo, and Button has shared a praise on his former teammate when asked about him in an interview with GQ Magazine.

“I think he’s quite a shy character,” he said. “You can probably see that.

“I don’t know Lewis now that well. Lewis in 2012 was an extremely talented driver, whose whole life was about racing.

“I had to work so hard to beat him, and obviously it didn’t happen all the time.

“But it happened enough that I was happy with what I achieved. On balance he out-qualified me, but I could race him, and use my head because it wasn’t all about driving flat-out in a grand prix. It isn’t now.

“But Lewis has learnt a lot since then. He’s always looking after the tyres, the fuel, the car… he knows what he’s doing.

“He’s in a position now where he can relax and think about other things in addition to driving the car. He can be very outspoken and I think it’s great that he is. It will help the sport and the diversity of the sport.

“Whether or not you’re a fan of Lewis as a person, you should definitely be a fan of him as a driver. He is exceptionally talented, and he does not play games. He will never play dirty. In fact, I think he’s the cleanest guy I ever raced against.”

Source: PlanetF1

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