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Former referee shares his thoughts on VAR ruling out Roberto Firmino’s goal against Aston Villa

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Liverpool played against Aston Villa on Saturday and won with a 2-1 score.

During the first half, Roberto Firmino’s goal was ruled out by VAR due to an offside.

While many have disagreed with the decision to rule out the 27-year-old’s goal, former referee Dermot Gallagher thinks that VAR was right.

Speaking with Sky Sports, Gallagher said: “The technology is meant to be as it is and they said it is offside. I asked how accurate it is and they said it is as accurate as possible.

“Everyone signed up for it, everyone knew it and the one thing everyone knows there is no latitude in offside decisions, you are either onside or you’re offside.

“That was the further part forward of his body (armpit) that he could score with.

“I think the problem with that (giving the benefit to the attacker) is that this is a factual decision. You are right, it took a little bit longer but this can be proved right or wrong where a penalty is your opinion vs my opinion.”

source LiverpoolEcho

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