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Former Reds star urges Jurgen Klopp to sign Leicester City player ahead of Manchester United

Image source: Sky Sports

Former Reds star Steve McMahon has urged Jurgen Klopp to make a move for Leicester City star James Maddison.

McMahon thinks that Maddison isn’t going to be with Leicester for a long time.

Maddison has made 8 appearances so far for Leicester City with having scored 3 goals and provided 2 assists.

“He’s confident,” McMahon said on Stadium Astro. “I just wonder, there comes a time and this is no disrespect to Leicester, I wonder if Maddison will make a decision like Maguire and think do I go for the medals, do I go for the cash.

“I don’t think he’s going to be at Leicester for a long, long time. I really don’t.

“I think Maddison has another level to go. I think there’s a top team, if it’s not Liverpool then United maybe, they’ll be in for him. He can only get better.

“Jurgen loves up and at them players, 100 per cent, non-stop work rate. He knows his full backs can create a chance, the space and can go for an overlap.

“I don’t see Maddison sitting on the bench [at a big club]. Say he comes to Liverpool, I’m not telling James Maddison to leave, but if I’m Klopp I would be looking to sign a player.

“He’s young, he’s English, he’s got a lot going for him. He changes the tempo of the game, why wouldn’t he get in Liverpool’s midfield?

“Henderson has been getting replaced for ever with Milner, Keita has not come on leaps and bounds, Fabinho is the holding midfield player.

“There’s a position there for him. If he came and he knuckled down, and he got his work ethic sorted, I see no reason why he wouldn’t fit in.”

source – Express.

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