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Former Liverpool player asks Kylian Mbappe to join the Reds

Киллиан Мбаппе может продолжить карьеру в «Ливерпуле»

Image source: Getty Images

Former Liverpool player Jose Enrique has asked Kylian Mbappe to join the Reds after his comments about the club.

Speaking exclusively with Mirror, Mbappe said: “This season, Liverpool have been a machine in the Premier League.

“They have made winning look easy but the truth is that it is never easy.

“Performances like they have been having don’t just happen.

“To be as ruthless as they have been would come from lots of hard work in training and from having a very good manager.”

Enrique took to Instagram and wrote “Why you don’t come and join us Mbappe? It will be even easier”.

Image source – Jose Enrique Instagram account

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