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Karine Grigoryan

27-02-2019 | 17:37 Football

Former Chelsea striker thinks that Maurizio Sarri will look 'weak' if he doesn't drop Kepa Arrizabalaga

After a row between Maurizio Sarri and Kepa Arrizabagala during the Carabao Cup final, the Chelsea coach is expected to drop Kepa in the game against Tottenham on February 27. Former Chelsea star Chris Sutton claims Maurizio Sarri will look 'weak' if he doesn't drop Kepa. "If Sarri does not drop Kepa against Tottenham on Wednesday night, he will look weak. It would be him letting Kepa get his own way," Sutton told the Daily Mail. "Who's in charge at Chelsea? It's like the inmates are running the asylum. "If I was a senior member of the squad, I wouldn't be going to Sarri to say what I think, either, because it's not up to the players. It's up to the Italian to work it out for himself. "Sarri should have come out and said, 'Yes, I intend to drop him against Tottenham'. It should be an easy decision." Chelsea reserve goalkeeper Willy Caballero has made zero appearances in the Premier League this season.

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