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Former boss Blackwell explains why Leeds United will be nervous about Championship restart

Former Leeds United manager Kevin Blackwell

Image source: Getty Images

Former Leeds United boss Kevin Blackwell reckons his former side will be nervous about Championship restart because of their poor record in the end-of-season run-in.

Leeds are leading the Championship table with nine games left to be played. They will return to action on action on June 20.

Marcelo Bielsa’s side are aiming to earn Premier League place, however, their record in the final games of the season has been poor in recent seasons.

Therefore, Blackwell believes his side will be nervous about finishing the final nine matches of the season.

“I think Leeds and West Brom, definitely, they’re in the driving seat,” Blackwell told Sky Sports. “But with nine games to go, there is a lot of points to play for. How will the lay-off affect teams when they come back? A team that wasn’t doing well prior the lay-off might come back and have a great run.

“It’s like a new season in many ways, they’ve had a three-month lay-off. For Leeds to get back to the Premier League, it would be brilliant. There’s no doubt, I’m the only one that has got them anywhere near the Premier League.

“For Leeds, it would be the holy grail that they have been after for the last 13, 14 years. Nobody has the right to be there but they are a club that deserves to be there.

“It’s Leeds, it’s a fantastic set-up, the supporters, the stadium, it’s all geared for the Premier League. They have to earn the right and in the back of their minds, they will know they have slipped up quite a few times in this last run-in. That’s why these games have to be played. I don’t think you can do it on a points-per-game. It’s alright looking backwards but going forward, Leeds have never been a great finisher of a season.”

Source: leeds-live