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25-07-2019 | 18:48 Basketball

FORBES 50 most valuable sports teams. Where is Golden State Warriors ranked?

In the recent Forbes release of the 50 most valuable sports teams includes nine NBA teams. New York Knicks ($4 billion value) leads the list of nine NBA teams and is ranked 5th among all sports teams. Next comes LA Lakers ($3.7 billion), who are ranked 8th among all sports teams. While Golden State Warriors  ($3.5 billion) take the 9th place among all sports teams. Here is the full list. 
  • New York Knicks (5th)
  • Los Angeles Lakers (8th)
  • Golden State Warriors (9th)
  • Chicago Bulls (19th)
  • Boston Celtics (22nd)
  • Brooklyn Nets (37th)
  • Houston Rockets (38th)
  • Dallas Mavericks (43rd)
  • LA Clippers (44th)
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