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Fikayo Tomori recalls breaking Diego Costa’s nose in training session

Image source: Getty Images

Fikayo Tomori was still at school when he broke Diego Costa’s nose.

Tomori has been rewarded by a run in the first team and a place in the England squad and he will not be scared of any big names on England duty after his clash with Costa in training back in February 2016.

“Yeah, I remember. I was actually still in school and I didn’t actually know I had done it in training,” said Tomori. “It was alright. He didn’t kick me in training after that!

“There was a bit of stick, it was light-hearted, a lot of banter. I got back to school and people were asking about it. I was year 10 or 11. My mates had all seen it.

“It was an accident, we both went up for a header and I had to flick the ball backwards and he tried to score. He headed the back of my head and he broke his nose.

“I didn’t know I had done it until the next day when it was all over the papers. I was getting a lot of messages like I meant to do it, but it was an accident.”

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