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FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money

FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money

Image source: UEFA

FIFA World Cup 2022 is right on the horizon!

Football’s biggest tournament is set to take place in Qatar, next year – in 2022, from November 21 until December 18.

Qatar 2022 is set to be host in 8 stadiums located in 5 cities, all of which have been specially built for the tournament.

32 teams from 5 or 6 confederations will take part in the tournament to find out the winner of the 22nd World Cup.

How much will the winner of the FIFA World Cup 2022 earn?

Every year the budget of the World Cup increases, as it becomes even more popular and sponsors pay even more money.

For Qatar 2022, the budget is worth $700 million. This prize money will be distributed among all the participant teams.  Each team receives $2 million to prepare for the tournament.

They will get paid $10 million to take part in the group stage. The more teams progress in the competition, more money they will earn.

The winner of the World Cup will receive $50 million money prize. So overall the world champions will earn $62 million only in pure prize money.

But FIFA also pays $209 million to the clubs for the players to participate in the tournament. Insurance benefits add about $134 million.


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