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FIFA 20: Liverpool stars get huge upgrade in latest database update

Image source: talkSPORT

Liverpool kicked-off the new season with topping the Premier League having played 10 games so far (9 wins, one draw).

The Reds are currently six points ahead of 2nd placed Manchester City and during this season, they have  suffered only one defeat – against Napoli in the Champions League.

And on FIFA 20, Liverpool are one of the strongest teams on the game and as of October 29, the team has got huge upgrades.

For example, Mohamed Salah’s attributes in FIFA 20 have been given a boost: balance (88-90), penalties (77-81) and strength (73-75).

The other upgrades are:

Roberto Firmino – balance (81-83), ball control (88-89), dribbling (88-89), long shots (76-78), reactions (86-88) and vision (86-87).

Fabinho – short passing (83-84), standing tackle (86-87) and vision (78-79).

Joel Matip – aggression (78-79), ball control (70-72), interceptions (84-86) and jumping (67-71).

Andy Robertson – curve attribute (78-80).

With all the upgrades, James Milner is the player who has got a downgrade. His stamina has gone from 90 to 87.

source – LiverpoolEcho

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