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Ferrari make honest admission that puts pressure on Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton decision

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto

Image source: Getty Images

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto insists his team will focus on the design and development of their 2022 car. Formula One regulations will change significantly next year with teams looking to take advantage.

Binotto admits that as they seek to improve on finishing sixth in the constructors’ standings in 2020. And that essentially sees the Prancing Horse rule themselves out of title contention although they are hopeful they have improved their straight-line speed.

Because of the windtunnel opportunity, and having some more time having finished sixth last year, our focus during 2021 will be [on] developing the 2022 car, that will be the main target,” Binotto said at Ferrari’s team launch on Friday. “We will not spend much time on the ’21 [car] during the season, it is a balance, it is a choice that we need to make at some stage.”

Speaking on 2021, he continued: “To see how the car is handling at the very start of the season is very important as [it is] the balance of performance we may see for the rest of the season. As I said we know how much we progressed in the wind tunnel but what will be important is to see the track delivery, and how it will compare behave to expectations.

“We have experienced, and we’re not the only ones, that sometimes you mismatch from the wind tunnel to the racetrack. I think that will be a key point for all the competitors because again, having changed the regulations from the back of the car, I think there is a work of correlation that is needed and I think that will be a key factor for the season.”

Binotto has even revealed he will skip some of the 23 races in the 2021 F1 calendar.

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