FA Cup Draw: Arsenal will face Newcastle United

FA Cup draw took place on November 30 as teams have found their opponents for the third round. Marine will face Tottenham, Wolves will host Cyrstal Palace. Manchester United and Watford will play against each other. Everton's opponent will be Rotherham. Holders Arsenal and Newcastle United will face each other in the third round of the FA Cup. Stoke City will play with Leicester City, Crawley Town with Leeds and QPR will host Fulham. One of the best games is going to be Aston Villa VS, Liverpool. Manchester City's opponents will be Birmingham City in the third round, Chelsea will host Morecambe. FA Cup draw: Full schedule Third round: Saturday 9 January 2021 Fourth round: Saturday 23 January 2021 Fifth round: Wednesday 10 February 2021 Quarter-finals: Saturday 20 March 2021 Semi-finals: Saturday 17 April 2021 The Final: Saturday 15 May 2021 FA Cup prize money 2020/21 Non-League sides will get £82,000 for reaching the third round and from here on the numbers accelerate. The eventual winners will pocket a cool 1.8million. Third round: £82,000 Fourth round: £90,000 Fifth round: £180,000 Quarter-finals: £360,000 Semi-finals: £900,000 (losers receive £450,000) Final: £1,800,000 (runners-up receive £900,000)

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