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F1 2019 Game: The 5 BEST Overtaking Spots at the Japanese Grand Prix

Image source: Formula 1

The ordinal Formula 1 campaign coming to its end. After 15 races, there are only 5 races left to decide who will win the most wanted trophy of Formula 1.

Now, Formula One heads to the Japanese Grand Prix 2019. This weekend, the drivers and teams will be heading to the Suzuka circuit.

Suzuka Circuit is one of the favourites of drivers and it is the scene of many memorable moments over the years. This year, it will be the 31st race in Japan.

Passing may be difficult, but it’s far from impossible. Here are the 5 best overtaking spots at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Turns 1 & 2 

How to master the corner: Due to the incredible downforce of the cars, you don’t have to brake until you’re entering Turn 2, Turn 1 can be taken flat. Continue here.


How to master the corner: Brake just after the Turn 10 kink down into second gear and hug the inside, the corner is like a bowl which helps you turn. Continue here.


How to master the corner: Brake down to sixth at the 50m board. Crank on as much left lock as you dare and make sure you don’t run wide, it’s slower and will earn you a penalty. Continue here.


How to master the corner: Long gone are the days when you had to brake for the 130R, but that doesn’t mean you can underestimate the corner. Continue here.


How to master the corner: Brake at 75m down into second gear and clump the inside kerbing of Turn 16. Continue here.

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