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EXCLUSIVE: IBO Continental champion Leon Harth unveils his future plans and rates the tough fight with Horejsek

After a long break, IBO Continental champion Leon Harth will be back to the boxing ring on December 8.

In his last fight, the Armenian cruiserweight boxer has won IBO Continental belt by defeating Czech Karel Horejsek.

Harth undergone a respiratory surgery after sustaining an injury and now he’s ready to fight again.

“I’m fine, everything is fine. My rehabilitation after the surgery is going well so I’ll start to train next week,” Hart told VivaroNews Sports journalist.

“My next fight will be on December 8. Now I’m in talks. Further details about my opponent and fight will be informed as soon as everything is clarified.”

In the 5th round of the fight in Hamburg, Harth’s opponent Horejsec beat him on his face with head. Unfortunately, Harth was unable to continue the fight and the referees gave the victory to the Armenian fighter. Anyway, Harth is happy, to take part in the fight.

“In my last fight, I won the IBO Intercontinental champion’s title. I’ve become more famous following that event as it was a real chance to go forward. I’m confident, soon I’ll fight for the World’s belt,”-Harth said.

The light-heavyweight fighter has admitted he is going to visit his homeland-Armenia either before or after the upcoming fight: “I’ve got my Armenian Passport lately and I’m very happy about that. Finally, I can visit my homeland and I think, I’ll visit Armenia this year.”

The fight that is expected to be held in December will be the 21st in Harth’s career. In 20 fights, the IBO Continental Champion had 17 wins and only three defeats.

Alla Zakaryan

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