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Karine Grigoryan

28-12-2019 | 12:57 Boxing

EXCLUSIVE: Arsen Goulamirian: "On Saturday I want to go up on the ring and win"

Arsen Goulamirian will fight against Constantin Bejenaru for the WBA Super World Cruiser Title today, December 28 at Marseille, France. Ahead of the game, Goulamirian gave an exclusive interview with VBetNews. "On August 8 I went to America, where I usually get ready for the fights with Abel Sanchez in Los Angeles," said Goulamirian. "The most important is not the last 5 weeks but the 13 weeks, when I was getting ready for November 15th fight. My last fight finished after 4 rounds as I won by a knock-out. I am ready for this fight. I am feeling well. Most importantly, on Saturday I want to go up on the ring and win." "He is a good boxer," said Goulamirian on Bejenaru. "You need to have a clever fight in the ring with him. "The preparation for the fight is important. You have to get on the ring already prepared for the fight." "My plans include, to have fights in different ratings - WBC, WBO or IBF in the upcoming year," Goulamirian added. "I want to have minimum 2 belts. I want to win. Any why not 4 belts?" "I want Armenians to follow and watch my fight. What I am doing, I am not doing only for me. This is for Armenians and my relatives and as well as France, because I grew up here. I am very happy that the fight will be streaming in Armenia. My fight on November 15th was streamed by the help of VBet," concluded Goulamirian.

EXCLUSIVE: Weigh-in ceremony ahead of Goulamirian vs Bejenaru fight (PHOTO)

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