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16-12-2019 | 19:55 Boxing

EXCLUSIVE: Arsen Goulamirian: “Go to the heavyweights why not, the future will tell us!"

WBA Super Cruiserweight World Champion Arsen Goulamirian (25-0, 17 KOs), in an exclusive interview with VBET News, spoke about Anthony Joshua’s rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr, gave his prediction on Deontay Wilder’s fight with Tyson Fury and revealed, whether he will change his weight category. Goulamirian defended his world title with a fourth-round knockout against Australian Kane Watts at the Accor Hotel Arena, in November. Following his fight, the boxer announced he will defend his WBA Super Cruiserweight title again and this time against Constantin Bejenaru. Ahead of his fight, Goulamirian spoke about the latest heavyweight fight between Andy Ruiz Jr and Anthony Joshua. Joshua regained three heavyweight titles by beating champion Ruiz on December 7, six months on from the shock knockout defeat first time around. “The first fight, Joshua wasn’t in a good day, he couldn’t express himself as he wanted, so Ruiz try his luck and he won. The second fight, Joshua vs Ruiz 2, he did what he had to do, stay away, and win his fight. He didn’t take any risks, he did what he had to do and he won his fight by punches and voila it was just to come back and take back his belts,” said Goulamirian. The fans of heavyweight boxing will watch another super encounter on February 22, when Tyson Fury will take on Deontay Wilder. “I will say 50/50. Wilder if he wins it will be by knockout and Fury, a very good boxer, I see him winning by punches. It’s one by knockout or the other by punches. So here I am giving a 50/50 fight,” the WBA Super cruiserweight champion added. On the question, whether he is thinking of changing category and going to heavyweight, Goulamirain answered: “Go to the heavyweights why not, the future will tell us! Today I’m feeling good in my category, especially as a world Champion. I plan to look for other belts in this category next year. For the moment, I feel good in this category and why not try in heavyweight may be at the end of my career.” Goulamirian’s fight against Bejenaru will take place on December 28, in Marseille.

Official:Arsen Goulamirian to defend his WBA title against Constantin Bejenaru

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