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Exclusive: Arsen Goulamirian: “Armenia is the country of my heart and soul”

Arsen Goulamirian defended his world title with a fourth round knockout over Australian Kane Watts at the Accor Hotel Arena, Paris on November 15.

In his exclusive interview with VBet News Goulamirian has talked about his future plans and his homeland Armenia, saying that it’s the country of his heart and soul.

How do you feel after your winning fight?

-Everything was great. I have prepared well before the fight, which played a decisive role. Since the second round I was fully involved in the fight, I started to feel how my opponent was defending, how he was running the fight. After the 13-month pause I came back and won with a knockout. My work and efforts gave me the result, I was feeling good and have prepared well.

What is going to be you next step?

-The next defense of my title. We still have to discuss it with my promoter, maybe it will be late this year or in January. In any case, the WBA Federation will nominate a championship title candidate for me. The sooner I fight, the better it will be for me, as I want to work with other federation as well, in order to win the second title, probably it will be in the middle of next year. I want to fight a lot to maintain my fitness and win the second title.

What will you say about your homeland Armenia?

-Armenia is the country of my heart and soul. I was born there. I am so happy. Thank you to VBET for organizing my fight broadcast on SHANT TV, so that more people in my country would know me. I am a worldwide boxer: in USA, France, Europe, but thanks to this fight people started to recognize me in Armenia, in any case, my family is there. What can I say about Armenia! I wish more tourists would visit Armenia so that everyone would get a chance to go there and see that wonderful country. Because it is such a beautiful country, it also has a good cuisine, beautiful girls. There is everything needed, and I am very touched as SHANT TV showed my fight in the very country I was born. Thank you.

Arsen Goulamirian wins the WBA Super Cruiserweight World Championship