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Alla Zakarian

17-11-2019 | 23:00 Football

EXCLUSIVE: Armenia national team training session in Palermo, Italy. Photo Gallery

Armenia and Italy national teams will face each other in the last game of EURO 2020 qualification round. Italy have already booked their place in the final round, while Armenia need a victory to end the run with a good mood. Abraham Khashmanyan and his squad had a final training session ahead of the game in Renzo Barbera stadium. Here are exclusive photos from Palermo by VBET NEWS photograph Hrach Khachatyran. [gallery ids="370606,370609,370612,370615,370618,370621,370624,370627,370630,370634,370637,370640,370643,370646,370649,370655,370658,370661,370664,370667,370670,370673,370676,370679,370682,370685,370689,370692,370695,370698,370701,370704,370707"] The game between Armenia and Italy will take place on Monday, November 18.

Abraham Khashmanyan: “Henrikh Mkhitaryan is the soul of our national team”


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