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Everything you need to know about Victoria stadium and airport Gibraltar (PHOTO,VIDEO)

Armenia national team is preparing for the UEFA Nations League game against Gibraltar. The team has already trained in the stadium called Victoria. The stadium is only relatively large stadium in Gibraltar.

It is situated close to an airport and during the training, the players could hear the sounds of the plane taking off and landing.

Official twitter page of Football Federation of Armenia posted a video from training. By the video you can see the airplane passing close to the pitch.

It was reported that during the Gibraltar vs Armenia game, at least 2 flights are scheduled. It happens every day, so it’s normal for local people.

Here is some information about the airport and Victoria stadium.

Gibraltar Airport is owned by the Ministry of Defense of England and is located close to Mount Gibraltar. This is one of the few airports in the world whose runway (1829 m long) intersects with an ordinary highway. It is only 500 m from the city center. The runway is built halfway into the sea.

A pair of traffic lights regulate traffic at the time when planes land or take off. The airport serves approximately 30 flights each week.

In addition, the airport runway intersects a normal city street with a road and pedestrian traffic.


The Victoria Stadium was built in 1926 (capacity 2000). It is currently used mainly for football matches, but also hosts the annual Gibraltar Music Festival. The stadium was named in honour of the wife of the Gibraltar philanthropist John Mackintosh.

The Football Association of Gibraltar is planning to renovate and improve the stadium.

In the video, it is presented the new look of the stadium.

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