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Karine Grigoryan

14-07-2019 | 21:39 Football

EURO U19: Armenia U19 1-4 Spain U19. The game as it happened (PHOTO)

UEFA Under-19 championship kicked-off in Yerevan. Armenia U19 played against Spain U19 in the first match of the tournament. Goals from Alejandro Orellana, Juan Miranda, Alejandro Marques and Victor Mollejo helped Spain to win 4-1 against Armenia U19. Arsen Yeghiazaryan scored for Armenia but the goal wasn't enough for the Armenia U19 to win the game. Here are exclusive pictures from the game by Hrach Khachatryan. [gallery ids="326350,326353,326356,326359,326362,326365,326368,326371,326374,326377,326380,326383,326386,326389,326392,326395,326398,326401,326404,326407,326410,326413,326416,326419,326422,326425,326428,326431,326434,326437,326440,326443,326446,326449,326452,326455,326458,326461,326464,326467,326470,326473,326476,326479,326482,326485,326489,326492,326495,326498,326501"]

EURO U19: Armenia U19 1-4 Spain U19. Victor Mollejo makes it 4-1 (VIDEO)

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