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What Eric Dier said about the reality of Tottenham’s current crisis

Image source: Getty Images

After Tottenham’s Saturday 3-0 defeat to Brighton, which was their fifth loss this season, Eric Dier speaks on his club’s current situation.

He claims that everything written about the club recently is “very far from the reality”.

When asked if the team admits they are under the spotlight now, he said:

“Yeah, it’s normal. I think we’ve been very lucky to be in a position where we haven’t really ever been in this situation we find ourselves in now. It’s a situation that we have to accept. All of us it’s on us and we’re the ones that can change it. I think the manager and players have said before that we have to accept that we enjoy when people compliment us and we have to accept it when people are talking in this way about us. It’s only natural but at the same time, I think we have to be realistic and I think a lot of stuff from the outside is very far from reality. This is the first time we’ve found ourselves in this position and we can’t back down from it, we’ve got to push through it.”

Since recent match week follows an international break after which Tottenham will face Watford in the frames of Premier League.

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