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09-01-2018 | 19:38 Football

Zinedine Zidane: 'I know I won't be at Madrid for 10 years'

Zinedine Zidane has admitted that he "won't be at the club for 10 years" and said that his achievements as a player offer no protection in his current management role.

  "Zinedine Zidane isn't a player at Real Madrid anymore. That Zidane no longer exists," the 45-year-old told France Football. "Now it's down to Zinedine Zidane the coach to carve out a career. I'm not protected by what I've done as a player at this club. "I know that one day [the coach's job] will come to an end at Real Madrid, so I make the most of it and I do everything I can to be successful. "I say to myself, 'if I've got 10 days left here, then I'm going to live those 10 days to the max; if it's six months, I'll live those six months to the max'. "I don't think beyond that. I know I won't stay [in the job] for 10 years."

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