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29-06-2018 | 12:07 Football

World Cup 2018: England fans think Marcus Rashford missed against Belgium on purpose

According to the majority of England fans, Marcus Rashford missed his chance to score against Belgium on purpose in order to secure second place. Belgium won England 1-0 in their group G match of the tournament. Many believe Rashford had no intention of scoring – as finishing top has arguably handed Belgium a harder draw than if they remained in second. So now England will face Colombia in the next round and if they win  they will face either Sweden or Switzerland in the quarter-final. Now En gland have an easier draw to reach semi finals , while Belgium fans may not be happy as they go up against Brazil in the quarters. https://twitter.com/Baddiel/status/1012416229594861568 https://twitter.com/bill_the_bass/status/1012416791300268042


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