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Alla Zakarian

15-07-2019 | 16:46 Formula 1

Wolff says Mercedes need to check if they are "unconsciously" favouring Hamilton

Mercedes are back to their winning ways after Lewis Hamilton won the British Grand Prix for the sixth time in history. The Silver Arrows decided to put both drivers on different strategy at the Silverstone. However, team boss Toto Wolff thinks that they need to check if they are “unconsciously” favouring Hamilton. “The discussion we had with them in the morning was, if you were to put them on the same tyre on the same strategy, basically Turn 1 or lap one would lock in the result," Toto Wolff said to Motorsport.com “And we felt that picking up on their suggestion, it would provide an interesting race. It still overlapped on many instances, we knew they would be racing each other but maybe with a different strategy, so that's what we tried. “I think in hindsight in the argument has value, and I think we need to look at it – are we favouring somebody unconsciously? Which we wouldn't want to do. It created more experience and more data for us to judge whether it's something we want to do in the future.”

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