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14-12-2020 | 15:33 Football

What Thierry Henry has said about Granit Xhaka before Patrice Evra's TV revelation

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has shared his private words about Granit Xhaka with Patrice Evra, following the club's defeat against Burnley. Gunners were beaten because of the own goal from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, while Mikel Arteta blamed Xhaka's dismissal for their eventual loss. Although Henry’s private thoughts remain uncertain, he previously openly criticised the Switzerland professional when he was sent off against the same rival team back in 2017. He told Sky Sports at the time: "It's not the first time. He did the same thing against Swansea. “This one I just don't get it. Against Swansea it was a counter. Here, he gives the ball cheaply away. “Why are you doing that 60 yards away from your goal, 25 minutes to go, you're in control of the game? You misplace a pass. So what? Stay on your feet. “As soon as you do that, the rules say it's a red. The rule says both feet off the ground, it's a red." After the match, Patrice Evra said on Sky Sports: “Thierry Henry one day invited me to his house, he said ‘come Patrice, we're going to watch the Arsenal game’. “He turned on the TV. The first image we saw on the screen it was Xhaka leading Arsenal, being the captain - Thierry Henry turned off the TV. “I said what's happened? He said ‘I can't watch my team and Xhaka being the captain of my team’, and we didn't watch the game. “We started talking about many things and he turned off the screen. It tells you everything of what the legends of this club think about him. He again let down his team.”
Source: Daily Star 
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