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27-11-2020 | 15:40 Football

What Jose Mourinho and Frank Lampard text about ahead of Chelsea vs Tottenham

Frank Lampard has opened up on his relationship with Jose Mourinho ahead of the Premier League clash between Chelsea and Tottenham. Lampard used to work with the Portuguese manager during his playing spell at North London, winning two Premier League titles with the Blues. The two remain on good terms with each other, however, the current circumstances don’t allow them to be as close as they once were. “We’re managers of rival clubs across London," Lampard told in a chat with Alan Shearer for The Athletic. “I sent him a message when he got the job at Tottenham and he’ll send me messages when things happen around me and in my life and we always ask how each other’s families are, but I know what we’re both like. It’s the competitive level we’re both at. “It’s not like we chat too much, but I’ve got no problem with him. We had a little bit on the line when we played in the Carabao Cup this season but, again, it’s that competitive edge. “It just feels natural to me that when I go up against people I worked with, I want to beat them. I’m sure Jose would be very honest about that, too.” Then he added: “I learned a great deal from him. Particularly the first time he came to the club because I was in the sweet spot of being a player who needed a bit of direction, a bit of a lift. “It was probably more of a self-confidence boost, that feeling I could improve and go up a level. “Training and tactics are one thing, but mentality is as big for me. With Jose’s demeanour when he walked through the door, he dragged me along and dragged me upwards to a level I hadn’t been at before.”
Source: Daily Star 
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