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Karine Grigoryan

17-11-2019 | 15:26 Football

Virgil van Dijk reveals how Jurgen Klopp gets the best out of him

Virgil van Dijk is being viewed as a favorite to win this year's Ballon D'Or and the Liverpool defender has revealed how Jurgen Klopp keeps him humble and gets the best out of him. During this season, Van Dijk has made 18 appearances for the Reds so far in which he has scored one goal and provided one assist. Speaking recently, while on international duty with Netherlands, Van Dijk said: "I have a very similar connection with Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool as I had earlier with Ronald Koeman at Southampton and I still have with Koeman with the national team. "Like Koeman, Klopp knows ­exactly how to get the best out of me – by being critical. When the media are hyping me and being very positive, he will downplay the praise all that – often with a wink." "When I was voted UEFA Player of the Year recently and had to go to the awards ceremony, Jurgen told all the lads at Liverpool that I was picking up the trophy on ­behalf of the entire team," continued Van Dijk. "All the boys in the squad know I can take that sort of stuff very well. I know what he means. At the same time, the boss gives me a lot of respect and responsibility." source - Daily Mail. JOIN US ON TELEGRAM

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