Wenger: I respect Mourinho a lot. I need peace

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger shared his respect about Jose Mourinho, who's team Arsenal will be facing on Sunday for English Premier League matchweek.

“I respect him a lot,” said Wenger. “You should give me a little bit of peace for my final weeks, don’t push me into a final confrontation. I want to go peaceful. Mourinho is a great manager. I will say goodbye to everybody. In France we say ‘au revoir’ which means we might see you again.”
“If I get a good reception I will take it,” Arsenal manager continued. “There have been some great battles in 22 years. Man United is a massive club with fantastic players. When I go back I realize what a great team they were. They had Giggs, Scholes, Beckham, Ronaldo and Rooney together. They had an unbelievable team. I realize that better at a distance than at the time,” the manager concluded on the matter.


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