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13-08-2019 | 21:23 Football

VBET News from Istanbul: Jurgen Klopp press conference ahead of UEFA Super Cup final

UEFA Super cup is the season opener for European competitions as Champions League winners Liverpool face off Europa League winners Chelsea. The game will take place at Vodafone Arena, in Istanbul, Turkey on Wednesday, August 14. Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has had a pre-match press-conference and has spoken about the game. “Winning games always helps. But tomorrow night is a different competition. Everything is prepared for a final and we have to be ready for a final. We won one competition last season. This team is built to be successful and that’s what tomorrow we will try to do. With a bit more luck against City, we could have won it. Now we have to prove it again," Klopp has said. The Reds are clear favourites to win the trophy, but Klopp has dismissed a favourite tag. “I didn’t know everybody expected us to win tomorrow! No problem what people think around us. We respect Chelsea a lot. If you saw the result v United you’d have no idea how the game," Klopp has said. Chelsea will be 100% ready and we have to be. We have to ignore what others say - and that’s what we do, actually. If people think Chelsea aren’t a challenge then I can’t help these people." Klopp has insisted, that it's not a problem for his side to have a difficult pre-season: "We aren’t the only club who had a difficult pre-season. You never know how it is going to work out early in the season. That is what we do and tomorrow is another chance for us. For me it was very important in the Man City game that we are there to really win the game. We had plenty of chances, near the end, we had a really big one. And that is what we must try to do tomorrow, too. Physically we are where we want to be. 100% in September, October.” The Reds Boss has challenged his players to write another two chapters of their own “special” European fairytale in Istanbul. Reigning champions Liverpool enjoyed arguably their greatest ever European night in the Turkish city in 2005 when they staged the best comeback in a Champions League final to beat AC Milan. “I know about the special importance and what a special place Istanbul is for Liverpool supporters. 2005 – nobody will ever forget that and that is good. But we are different people and unfortunately, we are not the same team in 2019-20 – although it is a good team as well. Istanbul is always a good place for football - I played here once before with Borussia Dortmund against Galatasaray and the atmosphere was brilliant until we calmed it a little bit down with the result," he has said. “If I am right, I believe there is a pretty good community of Liverpool supporters in Istanbul as well. That makes it special for us, which makes it everything it should be apart from a flight that lasts three-and-a-half hours. We are both fresh, we want to play and I hope we can make it a special place for ourselves again." The Ataturk Olympic stadium will stage the final of 2019/20 Champions League final. When asked, whether his side will be in the final too, Klopp has answered: "I don’t have a clue about that. If you had asked me last year after three games if we would be in the final I would have probably said, ‘I don’t think so’. But we got there anywhere. We will try to get to the final in Istanbul again – if not, it will be somebody else.” One further question to the boss was on the future of Dejan Lovren, who was omitted from the travelling squad for the Super Cup, officially due to illness.  But media speculation has suggested he’s on the verge of a move to AC Milan. Klopp has said he had “no idea” whether the Croatian would leave Anfield. “It’s because he’s ill,” said the boss. “We will see what happens. In general, not only in this!” French referee Stéphanie Frappart will make football history in Istanbul, becoming the first woman to take charge of a major European men’s football match. On Frappart, the Reds boss has said: “Finally. I think it is time. I have had experience of this in Germany. I’m really happy we can be part of this historical moment. It’s a smart decision to finally have a women referee a very, very important game. Finally. I think it is time. I have had experience of this in Germany. I’m really happy we can be part of this historical moment. It’s a smart decision to finally have a women referee a very, very important game. I’m sure we will try to not make the game any more difficult than it will be (for the officials). I will show my best face if possible, otherwise, my mum would be angry! I hope it is not the last one, that is all I can say.”

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