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25-06-2021 | 22:55 Boxing

Tyson Fury ‘is already two rounds up’ in Deontay Wilder trilogy fight

Tyson Fury is two rounds ahead of Deontay Wilder already due to his press conference performance, according to a legendary boxing trainer, Buddy McGirt. Speaking to Fight Hype ahead of Fury's trilogy bout with Deontay Wilder, McGirt said that he believes the Brit is already in the ascendancy heading into the July 24 bout. “He’s won the first two rounds already just by being like that," McGirt said after Fury's calm handling of the pair's press conference last week, which saw Wilder refuse to answer media questions. "It matters a whole lot - all the great fighters you see, they’re the ones that are the most calm, the most relaxed. You see everything, you do everything, but when you tense and you’re trying to kill the guy, they just pick you apart." And the legendary boxing coach believes that the mental battle is going to result in a Fury victory "He [Wilder] is so caught up in getting revenge that he’s burning a lot of necessary energy mentally," McGirt continued. “I think what he should do is when he goes into the fight, don’t go into it with ‘I’m going to kill him’ attitude, go into it ‘I’m going to beat him,’ but you’ve got to be smart about it. "You can’t go in there, ‘I’m going to crush him, I’m going to do this, I’m going to do that,' Tyson Fury is always relaxed, he’s always calm in a fight, and the calmest fighter is always the better fighter."
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