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Alla Zakarian

03-07-2019 | 16:17 Formula 1

Toto Wolff responds to Bernie Ecclestone's 2021 Formula 1 plans

Bernie Ecclestone produced a long list of ideas, which he would introduce to Formula 1 if he was still in charge for the 2021 season. Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has responded to these plans. "That's just how Bernie is: Always provocative," laughs the Austrian in conversation with Motorsport-Total.com.  "This is nothing else. He has always been this way and has called things that were completely different than reality. "I think he is now trying to get the same thing done: provoking people. Have I read his plans? The first few lines perhaps, but that was it." 

Wolff says Mercedes need to work on cooling problems after Austria struggles

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