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10-08-2018 | 18:41 Boxing

Top 5 of the richest boxers 2018, who earn dizzying money for one night

Many people think that the huge salaries of athletes are unfair, since this money can be used to solve more important problems. Maybe they are right, but today's top-athletes highly appreciate their performances. We represent you the richest top-5 boxers of 2018.

Floyd Myweather - $1 billion

Mayweather received about $ 180 million for a fight with Filipino Manny Pacquiao and $ 300 million for a fight with Conor McGregor.

George Foremane - $230 million

Manny Pacquaio - $200 million

For the fight with Floyd Mayweather Manny Pacquaio earned $100 million.

Oscar De La Hoya - $200 million

Oscar De La Hoya also earned his biggest fee for a fight with Mayweather - $ 54 million.

Lennox Lewis - $130 million


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