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TOP 10 crazy and weird sports that you didn't know existed

When most of us keep watching football, NFL, Hockey, NBA or Formula One, more exotics sports awaits sampling. Turns out, mainstream sports are so outdated when it comes to the world of competitive wife carrying and toe wrestling. In addition, if you think Ice Hockey is dangerous, you will change your opinion after this. Check out the list of 10 craziest, weirdest sports you do not know but exist! Shin Kicking Shin Kicking, the combat sport involves two contestants attempting to kick each other on the shin until one hits the ground. The Game originated in England in the early 17th century.
Skibobbing Skibobbing is a winter sport using a guidable, single-track vehicle that has features of the bicycle, the bobsled and skis. The original idea of the game was patented as early as 1892. Austrian skibobber Erich Brenter is noted for setting the first world record for downhill skibobbing speed in 1964, at 102 miles per hour (164 km/h)
Chess Boxing Chess Boxing is a hybrid of knocking out and checkmating opponents. And the battle consists of 11 rounds in which fighters alternate between playing traditional chess and boxing.
Kitewing Kitewing is essentially skiing plus flying. You ski with a device called Kitewing in your arms, and this device provides you with the necessary lift at high speeds to take off and fly.
Sepak Takraw Sepak Takraw is similar to Volleyball. However, in this sports players can pass around the ball using anything but their arms, a game is played with a ball of dried palm leaves.
Toe Wrestling Toe Wrestling involves fights going toe-to-toe. With socks and shoes off two competitors interlock their toes and try to pin down their opponent’s foot.
Underwater Hockey This sport also is known as Octopush, and it is played worldwide and involves two teams trying to push a puck using a stick across the floor of a swimming pool into the opposing team’s goal. The sport has its own World Championship.
Extreme Ironing It’s not about ironing your clothes when you hurry up for work. Competitors “ironists” go to a remote location and iron their clothes. The domestic chore has been performed underwater, hanging from cliffs, while skiing or snowboarding.
Cheese Rolling A large cheese wheel is rolled down a steep hill, and competitors race after it. The first person to reach the bottom of the hill wins the cheese. It’s an annual Cheese-Rolling event at Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire, U.K.
Quidditch If you’re a muggle you will never understand what this sport means for Potterheads, however, we will explain. Quidditch started at Middlebury College in Vermont(OK, first at Hogwarts) in 1997 and now has a professional league and World Cup. Players prance around a field with a broomstick between their legs racing to catch the golden snitch. Since winged, sentient golden balls are hard to come by in the real world, a squealing dude dressed in all yellow with a ball in a sock tied to him plays the part. Snigger at will.
BONUS ON THE NEXT PAGE: Wife Carrying Wife carrying is a sport, where each husband of the world needs to be a professional, just kidding. This sport originated in Sonkajarvi, Finland. Male competitors race to carry their views through an obstacle course.

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