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Karine Grigoryan

22-06-2018 | 20:02 Football

Thiago Silva: "We believed until the end."

Brazil was facing Costa Rica in their second group stage game. The game turned out to be not so easy for both sides. But finally Brazil could find a way to score. And not one but two. After the game, Brazil national team captain Thiago Silva talked about the match. "It was a difficult game, we had many chances, we thought we won a penalty but it was canceled. In the last minutes, I told Marcelo and Miranda come on let's go, we need 6 minutes and we will score. We believed until the end." Later on he talked about Neymar, who was in the center of attention the whole game. "Neymar will feel better in the third game. I told him cry if it makes you feel better. You of all people know how much you struggled to reach the World Cup in time."  

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